Event Location

The IEEE Student and Young Professional Congress will be held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevo is the capital and largest city and country’s administrative, economic, cultural, university and sport center.
Due to its long and rich history of religious diversity and coexistence Sarajevo has often been called the “Jerusalem of Europe”. The history of Sarajevo is very rich. Sarajevo became a city in the 15th century. It is also a place of assassination that sparked World War I. 1984 it was host city for Winter Olympics. More recently, Sarajevo underwent the longest siege in modern military history during the Bosnian War.
The city itself has its fair share of hilly terrain, as evidenced by the many steeply inclined streets and residences seemingly perched on the hillsides. The Miljacka river is one of the city’s chief geographic features. It flows through the city from the east to the west where eventually meets up with the river Bosna.
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If you are up to just 2 or 3 hours’ drive from Sarajevo, you can experience extraordinary historic and natural landmarks, here is where you can go:

Sarajevo is in the Central European time zone (CET), GMT +1.

The climate is medium continental, with an average summer temperature of 19,1°C and average winter temperature of –1,3°C.

The electric supply is 220V with 50Hz frequency.

Currency in BiH is Convertible Mark. The international abbreviation for currency is BAM, while KM is used locally (1.95 KM = 1 Euro). You can exchange your currency in any bank or post office. Banks are generally open from 08:00 to 18:00 on working days, and from 09:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays. Main post office is open from 07:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Police: 122
Fire department: 123
Hospital: 124
Sarajevo Taxi: 1515
Airport: +387 33 289 100


When it comes to hostels, Sarajevo has plenty of them at a very affordable price. We present you hostels our Committee has had most experiences working with, but we also encourage you to visit www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Sarajevo/Bosnia-And-Herzegovina/Map where you can find all the hostels in Sarajevo with their location.
If you do decide to stay at a hostel, the chances are you will be using public transport to get to our venues, so we suggest you to look for hostels near tram stations. All hostels we suggested are less than a 5 min walk away from a tram station.

Franz Ferdinand

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Hostel City Center

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Hostel Massimo

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We have partnered up with one of the new and attractive hotels near the venue, where you ccan reserve your accomodation for a special price.

New Hotel

NEW HOTEL is a new 4* hotel with 32 rooms. It is located near Sarajevo’s oasis Ilidza, close to the spring of Bosna river, known as “Vrelo Bosne”. Sarajevo International Airport is a 5 minute drive (3 km / 2 miles) away.

The hotel has 4 suites and 4 connected rooms which are suitable for families or small groups of guests who wish to stay together, 12 single and 12 double rooms, all with king size beds.
All rooms are equipped with a mini bar, LCD TV, modern bathroom with complimentary cosmetic accessories and hair dryer. The hotel offers continental and Turkish open breakfast buffet.

The price for guests of the Congress is 18€ per night, breakfast included.

More information available at: newhotel.ba .

Visa and Travel

Visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina must obtain a visa from one of the Bosnia and Herzegovina diplomatic missions unless they come from one of these countries:
Countries that don’t need visa

Valid multiple entry visa holders and residents of the European Union and Schengen Area member states and Monaco can enter Bosnia and Herzegovina without a visa for a maximum stay of 15 days. They must arrive from one of the European Union and Schengen Area member states or Monaco. This is not applicable to holders of Kosovan passport.

Holders of diplomatic or official/service passports of China, Cuba, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and holders of only diplomatic passports of Algeria do not require a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Visa is also not required for stateless persons and refugees residing in countries whose citizens do not require a visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina (except for countries of Central and South America and the Caribbean).

If you require an invitation letter to obtain a VISA from your country of residence or for permission from your workplace/institution, please email sypc@ieee.ba. Details you must include, full name (as shown on passport), address and travel dates.


Sarajevo is well connected with a network of trams, trolley-buses, buses and minibuses. Different tickets are sold for busses, trolley-busses and trams. All tickets can be bought in the vehicle from the driver, while tram and trolley tickets can be bought in a kiosk as well.
For tram, the one-way ticket for an inner-city zone is 1,60 KM if you purchase it in a kiosk and 1,80 KM if you purchase it in the vehicle. The ticket must be punched as soon as you enter the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a fine, on the spot. You can also buy multiple ride tickets (2, 5 or 10).
The bus line connecting airport with Baščaršija runs several times per day and it costs 6 KM (3 Euros) one way. You buy tickets in the vehicle.
Tickets for the bus or the trolley-bus cost the same as the tram tickets, 1,60 KM at the kiosk and 1,80 KM in the vehicle.

Sarajevo has one of the cheapest taxi services in Europe. Several private taxi companies operate in the city 24 hours a day. For example, taking a taxi from Sarajevo Airport to the city centre will cost between 17 and 20 KM. All vehicles use the taxi-meter.